Coffee Machines

We import and recondition various espresso machines, mainly the Italian brands as they are renowed for their reliability and style.

We cater from domestic coffee machines to commercial for coffee shops, cafés and restaurants.

We carry out our own installation and servicing to make the process easier.

New Coffee Machines

Used Coffee Machines


Used,Refurbished Machines: We specialize in supplying quality used, refurbished commercial espresso machines. Our coffee machines have been carefully cleaned and reconditioned with worn or damaged parts replaced, we offer a guarantee on most of our models. We also supply water filters, coffee grinders, coffee filter machines and of course fresh roasted coffee beans.

Our Service - Our factory trained technicians provide a wide range of services from the provision of espresso machine spare parts through to general maintenance and servicing. We offer professional servicing, advice, repairing and refurbishing for all your coffee machine needs at very reasonable rates.



The warranty commences from the date of invoice for a term of 3 months.

What it covers:

All parts excluding wearing service items, namely group seals, gaskets and steam arm seals plus pump heads, as these are water lubricated, they can fail due to lack of water or contamination. Also any electrical fault, mainly the PCB (motherboard)

What it does not:

Scale Related Problems. If the machine is fed with unfiltered water, limescale will form and clog the machine up. The valves will choke and jam, the boiler element will become coated in concrete-like scale and the machine will fail. This is preventable by the purchase of a water filter, which should be regenerated at least once a year depending on use and water hardness.

•Connection to an inappropriate electricity supply.

•Electrical spikes.


•Lack Of Cleaning.

•Introduction of impure water.

•Accidental or deliberate damage.

•Electrical fault (mainly the PCB (motherboard) this is usually due to misuse of the touch panels

In the event of a third party unauthorized engineer being instructed, please be aware that this will invalidate your warranty and we will not be liable for any costs incurred under any circumstances.